Marin History

Bodegas Luis Marin is a family lead business established as a winery in 1903 but whose family wine tradition dates back to the early XIX Century.

Is the largest private owned winery of the D.O. Cariñena, the second oldest D.O. in Spain established in 1932.
Luis Marin holds a permanent “Honorary” position on the board of Directos of the DOP Cariñena.


Luis Marin Ríos

Pioneer in exporting to countries like China and European supermarket chains as well as in the way we understand the wineries as of today.
With a great commercial vision and business management and adapting to the requests of the most demanding markets in the world.

A true example of struggle, perseverance and good work; we are proud to continue to count on with his wise advice.


Luis Marin Pardos

Luis Marin Pardos acquires the entirety Ignacio Marin winery renamed to Luis Marin Winery. Facilities, including areas for production and aging, together with the own vineyards are maintaining also Quality certifications and the qualified team.

He is a collegiate Lawyer with a MBA. He Proudly receives a legacy from the past, vineyards and knowledge to project to the world. The winery and team are proud to count with him since 2008.

Cariñena History

Over time we have become guardian heirs of a great secret. Do you want to discover it?

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