Wines to conquer the world

Wines with soul of honest, authentic projects, made with respect for a land to reach its maximum expression.

young wine

Gabarda first

FIRST means the starting point, our roots and the expression of the modest but genuine.

Awaken your senses tasting this wine… an authentic pleasure for your senses full of freshness, flavor and the wonder of the simple. They are young wines oriented to a public that be being undertaken in the fabulous world of wine.

casual style

El Gordo

El Gordo is a fun wine, with a casual style, a wine without complexes, as their name and the person in which this wine is inspired.
Luis Marín has created this particular wine, carefully selection of va- rieties at their optimum ripeness, and a modern wine making process; result of a lifetime focus on cultivation of vineyards and winemaking.

the Essence of the winery

Luis Marin

Proud of our origin, we pay tribute to the history of the winery, which generation after generation has managed to remain in time. Finally Luis Marin has been who in the present receives part of the family history and adapts it to the times.
Wine that express elegance and splendor through their roots, demonstrating wisdom from the past, seeking excellence in the present.

grand reserve

Barón de Lajoyosa

This spectacular grand reserve, the flagship of our winery, give us vintages after vintage many emotions, patiently reaping important re- cognitions all over the world. The most applauded of our wines is ac- claimed, recognized, appreciated abroad for its unique quality.

the Essence of the winery


Range of wines that demonstrates the Essence of the winery, from start to finish showing that we know how to adapt to the needs of the most demanding palates. Freshness, elegance, tasting notes that de- light the senses. With them we want to highlight our great winemaking tradition and the typicity and expression of our soils and vineyards.

special occasions

Autor Wines

Wines for embody the individual style of a winemaker, using the best vines of the winery has and where quality predominates over quantity. Perfect for special occasions.
Endorsed internationally for their fantastic quality.

Wines with characteristics that identifies us, and where it tries to capture our specific qualities.
But in addition in these wines other factors are taken care of as they are the procedures of elaboration, the places where they are made and until the bottles where they are going to be presented.

Marin history

Since 1903 deep roots

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