Red wine


“ A funny wine, with causal style like the guy in which this wine is inspired “ A mid toned ruby color with spicy aromas of strawberries and white pepper. On the palate it’s light and refreshing. Fruity with flavors of berries and a touch of clove

red wine


Dark red cherry color. Full intense aroma, slight tannin with a smooth lasting taste.

red wine


“A funny wine, with causal style like the guy in which this wine is inspired “ Medium depth with a violet color. Fragrant aromas of cherries and blackberries, licorice and toffee. Medium body with a mild sensation of blackberries and cinnamon.

red wine


Deep purple color with concentrated aromas of fennel, blackberries and cherries. The wine is bold and young.
Blackberries and cherries mixed with hazelnut liqueur flow in and around the palate

red wine


A bright and youthful ruby color. It transmits the typical sensations of a merlot: bacon, oregano, basil and raspberries. The acidity is refreshing and helps make the wine fruity and lively at the same time. There is a marked intensity of flavors in the mouth of cherries and thyme.

rose wine

Garnacha Rosado

Strawberries. Lovely rich pink color with a youthful nose of rose petals, strawberries and cream. The wine is refreshing on the palate with a sensation of crushed strawberries and fine herbs. It’s crisp and fruity. Makes it the perfect partner .

White wine


Bright lemon color with gentle aromas of stone fruits like peach, apricot and a touch of citrus. On the palate it’s bright and refreshing with a medium body, and flavors such as pineapple, lemon and lime.

White wine


Pale lemon with youthful marked intensity aromas of banana, pineapple and lemon zest. Well balanced acidity and prominent flavor intensity of pineapples, green apples and pear.

Marin history

Since 1903 deep roots

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